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Amazing sound from this antique bowl

Photo Video Album Asian antique arts

Welcome to Photo Video Album of Gallery for Asian Antiques, Asian Arts and culture. From 2007 to 2017 we were using our old website and now it has been moved to borneoartifact.net we prefer to keep it as it has many other sold items which may be useful.. the collections of sold items can also be found at this link:  Gallery of Asian Antiques , old photo video album .

Keris is a special type of dagger originating from the island of Java. Throughout history it has been used by some of the largest empires in Southeast Asia. These include the Malaccan Empire, the Singhasari Kingdom and the Majapahit Empire. It has also been used by the Sultanate of Maguindanao, meaning the keris has even reached the southern Philippines. The blade is created by using alternating laminations of iron and nickel, which is how the intricate patterns are formed.

According to legend, the keris has supernatural powers which its owners can use to save lives. This can be done by washing or bathing the keris on the first Javanese lunar new year. Then, the dagger is offered a selection of fragrant flowers, rice and incense. General belief is that poor treatment and neglect of the keris can cause its magical powers to disappear into the spiritual world. Enjoy Browsing our photo video album

Wooden Carvings

Wooden carving traditions and skills can be found throughout the Indonesian archipelago, with the most famous being from Bali, Central Java, Madura, Sumatra and Papua. Different areas developed very different traditions so that many items are immediately identifiable as being created by particular ethnic groups. Most popular with expats are Javanese and Balinese wooden image carvings, Jepara lattice-like three-dimensional reliefs and Irianese primitive carvings.

Even amongst wooden carvings from a particular province, differences in design, style and subject matter are easily evidenced after some study. Irianese tribes such as the Asmat, Dani, and Komoro have very distinctive styles of carvings of totem poles, weapons, figures and utensils.

Whimsical, brightly colored modern carvings are produced primarily in Bali. And the popularity of these pieces has influenced the wooden carving traditions of other regions as well.

Used in prehistoric times in burials, the use of ancient spirit masks have given way to masks used in many traditional dances. These highly stylized masks, topeng, depict the various characters in the story told by the dance. Masks enable the performers to assume new identities and depict a variety of characters from demons to animals, princes or gods. Amongst the most famous masks used in dance are the Rangda and Barong masks from Bali. In this traditional dance, performed often for tourists, the interaction of Rangda, representing evil, and the Barong, representing good, restores the harmony between the good and evil in life.

While masks for sale in stores are primarily from Central Java and Bali, masks from other ethnic groups were used widely in the past to communicate with ancestors, for blessings for harvests, protection from evil spirits, to acquire new personalities or great powers.

Fragrant sandalwood from the Nusa Tenggara is available in carvings, medicine, incense, cosmetics, prayer beads and useful items such as pens and fans. It is usually stored in a special glass cabinet in stores and a stroll past the cabinet will quickly acquaint you with the exotic fragrance of this special wood.

Woods used in carving include ebony, teak, mahogany, ironwood, sandalwood and other lesser known indigenous woods. The price may often be related to the type of wood used, as harder woods are more difficult to carve. Since many are concerned by the cutting of tropical hard wood forests, many wood items are made from teak trees which are cultivated on plantations. Look for the labeling designated the item as utilizing plantation-grown teak. Enjoy Browsing our photo video album. Next article we will introduce to you the Island we are on, the 3rd largest island in the world shared by 3 countries, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia.

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