Worship Statue 610mm Sickness Figurine Shaman And Child Sculpture Figure Borneo


Rare piece, Sickness Statue usually stands alone but not this piece, a sick Melanau child is presented in this stunning sculpture, hand-carved from ONE piece of hardwood with its typical elongated tongue of the Berayun demigod trapping or rather enslaving other mythical beings of those like Aso Creature and lost souls. Circa 1960, an indoor statue. Thus no erosion from rain, some hairlines from natural aging but otherwise in excellent aged condition and insect free.




Worship Statue / Paganism sickness figurine, Borneo. It will easily be the center of attraction to your home collection.

Melanau statue

Height: 61 cm / 24 inches
Base: 19.5 x 17.5 cm / 7.7 x 6.9 inches

Weight: 5.7 kg / 12.5 lb
After packing: 8 kg / 17 lb

Berayun ceremony:
The Melanau traditionally believed that most sickness are caused by supernatural elements. Therefore, they can identify more than 40 main such spirits.

In its early stage, or if it is slight, the sickness is usually dealt with by the Dukun. Thus, an expert in herbal cures and magic charms, who would also prescribe medicine. If the sickness persists, then an expert would be invited to carve image of the responsible spirit in sago pith, called a Blum / Belum or Melanau worship statue.

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Weight 8 kg
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