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NC0197 DAYAK NECKLACE and Forest SEED Fruit Tree Plant Pendant Body Jewel Jewelry Ornament


NC0199 COCONUT POLISHED SHELL 300mm Kalabubu Necklace On Stand Jewelry Jewel Pendant Tribal Body Adornment Tribe


NC0200 KALUNG KALABUBU 290mm TRIBAL NECKLACE Brass & Shell Body Jewelry Jewel Ornament


WE01942 OLD BLOWPIPE QUIVER and NEW DARTS Hunting Traditional Tool Tribal Hunter Spear


MC0392 OLD BATAK (One Pair) MEDICINE CHAMBER Box Container Statue Figurine Indonesia


MC0415 Asian Container 230-250mm Three Tribal Chamber Box Sculpture Statue Medicine Oceanic Art Batak Indonesia


MC0357 LETI ARTIFACT 340mm ANCESTRAL STATUE Figure Sculpture Indonesia Oceanic Art Box


AW0327 Ironwood Tray 540 x 350mm Giant Tribal Bowl Plate Basin Kayanic Dayak Sculpture Statue Borneo


MC0406 Batak Container 210mm Tribal Statue Figure Sculpture Chamber Box Keeper Jewelry Medicine


MC0272 BUFFALO HORN 280mm TORAJA CHAMBER Medicine Container Artifact Traditional Tribal


MS0104 STONE MASK 170x140mm ROCK FACE Dayak Dyak Borneo Artifact Statue Figure Fossil?


MS0124 ONE PAIR WEDDING MASK Dayak Topeng Wall Facial Face Statue Sculpture Painting