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HP0661 Mythical Boat 550mm Sahan Vessel Naga Morsarang Batak Tribe Statue Sculpture Figure Figurine


HP0640 SERPENT BOAT 580mm Naga Morsarang Batak People Tribe Statue Sculpture Figure Figurine Vessel


HP0638 MYTHICAL CREATURE 180mm Borneo Statue Dragon & Dog Aso Animal Figure Figurine


HP0637 COUPLE FIGURINE 460mm Male Female Nias Fertility Statue Figure Naked Sculpture


HP0656 Birds Statue 820mm Majestic Rhinoceros Hornbill Wood Sculpture Figure Figurine Animal


HP0630 BORNEO FIGURINE 500mm Bahau Statue Figure Effigy Wood Sculpture Art Home and Garden


HP0597 SUPERSIZE 1790mm/1.79meter BIRD SCULPTURE Travel Asia Asia Borneo Hornbill Statue Animal Figure


HP0579 ANTIQUE SCULPTURE 420mm KOI BIRD Ironwood Figure Statue Animal Native Borneo


HP0668 Hornbill Bird (1 Pair) Mother And Child Animal Statue Figure Figurine Sculpture Sacred Borneo


HP0530 MASSIVE 1.25meter SACRED HORNBILL BIRD Kenyalang Sculpture Figure Statue Animal


HP0509 WWII BURUNG KENYALANG 1770mm / 69.7 inches MASSIVE BIRD HORNBILL Statue Figure