This section exhibits antique Cannons. Cannons or also known as Lantaka or rentaka were a type of bronze swivel gun mounted on merchant vessels and warships in maritime South East Asia. Vintage cannons lantaka was commonly equipped by native seafaring vessels from Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Typically the earliest vintage cannons lantaka with beautiful ornaments from this region are from foundries in Melaka and Pahang. The later models are from foundries in the Netherlands and Portugal. Next from their respective settlements, and finally from Brunei and other local craftsmen. However, there were also double-barreled variants that were used extensively in the Philippines. In Malaysia, these double-barreled variants are called Meriam Lela. It appears to be longer than a typical lantaka.

The Dutch and Portuguese quickly learned that they could trade cannons for spices and porcelain. As well as for safe passage through pirate infested waters. Local foundries continued to produce guns, using local patterns and designs from other local brass and bronze objects. Stylized crocodiles, dolphins, birds and dragons were common motifs.

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