This section explains Vintage Collections of antique brass wares. They are from the indigenous of the outskirt of borneo. Consist of Pots, candle holder, stamp, batik, bowl, tray. As well as betel nut storage, old kettle, old bracelet, old bangle.

Antique brass wares showcase in the section are very ideal for home, restaurants, office decorations. In fact, designers are using to offer and use antique brass wares for this purpose of decorations. Therefore, Antique brass ware is very essential as decor in the dining room or sitting room.

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GC0298 ANTIQUE GONG 480mm BRUNEI MUSEUM PIECE Raised Crocodile & Naga Brass Drum Vintage


GC0297 EXTREMELY RARE BRUNEI GONG 470mm Three Raised Naga Brass Drum Wealth Status Antique


AT01353 Old Rice Pot 225mm XL Antique Cooker Cooking Brass Brassware Camping Couldron War Soldier Military


AT0330 Antique brass ornament Brunei LENGGUAI BRASS CONTAINER Betel Nut Dayak Heirloom Jewelry Bowl


AT01348 Betel Nut Box 200mm Container Storage Borneo Antique Jewelry Coin Gold Watches


AT01347 Antique Cooking Pot 200mm Brass Brassware Camping Hiking Cooker Basin Couldron War Soldier Military


AT01277 4.) Vintage Sumba Mamuli Old Pendant Jewelry Body Ornament Earring Tribal Jewel


AT01309 COW BELL 95mm ANTIQUE Herdsman Cattle Livestock Music Instrument Agricultural Tool Brass Cowbell


AT01211 ANTIQUE COIN BOX JEWELRY / / GOLD / BETEL NUT Container Bunker Storage Borneo


AT01339 Antique Charcoal Iron 220mm Large Ironing Box Shirt T-shirt Fabric Textile Brass Antique Brassware


AT01338 Traditional Iron 205mm Charcoal Ironing Shirt T-shirt Fabric Textile Brass Bronze Antique Brassware


AT01316 CANDLE HOLDER Antique Romantic Brassware Candelabra Stand Dining Castle Mansion Old School